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Kora 2
large product photo   21 string double-sided Harp from Westafrica

I heard the first Kora-Sounds of my life in the early 1980s at the location "Batschkapp" in Frankfurt. It is a bit different today (._.) Jali Foday Musa Suso and the Mandingo Griot Society were on stage, I was paralysed. Later (1986) I met the Konte Brothers (this picture shows Malamini Jobarteh und Dembo Konte, scan from their record cover backside) info at Rüdiger Oppermanns remarkable annual convention for the German harpers: Harfentreffen, it was really great fun and enlightening. I was there the first time at the third gathering, May 8th-9th, 1982. Can you spot me among the German harpers of the early 80s.... ? Have-a-look!! So it all got startet, then...

The early Kora was tuned by moving leather ring with fishing sting up or down the neck. Next came the version with wooden tuning pegs, like this, my first "real" Kora, which came via ebay in 2001, strung the wrong way, tuning pegs defunct, but basically she was sound. Nothing required except some soap on the pegs and hours of attention and work. Has a spruce top now (!) instead of the cowhide. Size 105 cm. 21 strings, 25 kg monofile, bass string twice or triple twine. You will be able to find lots of information about the Kora here. There even is a software about tuning and playing available. Enjoy!