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Jazzstar by Rod. Hoyer
large product photo   Nickname: Die Starnberger

This Archtop-Guitar labeled "Jazzstar" was built in the late 1950s by Rod. (Rodebald) Hoyer in Kochel am See in Bavaria, and she is nearly as old as my humble self; she paid her dues and needed a new home a few years ago. The stamp (insides on the back under the bridge) gives the following date: 3 11 59 - funny: I found the stamp only after cleaning out the inside today (3.11.2012) with a swiffer:

Happy Birthday, Darling.

It took some time and fine-tuning, some advise from Leslie Link (Godfather of Guitars), and now this archtop really is a STAR.

You can learn a lot about Rod Hoyer and other makers of Schlaggitarren "Made in Germany" here.