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Clairseach Harp Kit
large product photo   Alan Edgar / Early Mucic Shop

After enjoying a harp-workshop with Sylvia Woods from "Robin Williamson and His Merry Band" I had to have a ...HARP! Now - to know why - first here is one of my favorites from "The Merry Band": Port London Early.

And here are some other favourites: Maura O'Connell: Down by the Salley Gardens (1998)
Eddie & Finbar Furey: The Curragh of Kildare Seem this was a hundred years ago.
The Boothy Band: Fionnghuala (1977) - this was live!

Anyway, the harp became a harpkit from Alan Edgar, Hull, purchased at The Early Music Shop in Bradford, in the year of the Yorkshire Ripper. Assembled mostly on the kitchen table of my student digs. Last to scavenge when I cleared out - some reddish-brown wood dust. The Harp: 30 strings, half-tone hooks, 110 cm high. An undestroyable companion since then, survived 18 stone steps sliding downwards. Famous last words: I will return!

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