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Amourette (1920/30s)
large product photo   Amourette, gentile Amourette

Passing through a village one day a guitar neck looked out of a rubbish heap and made me stop. Upon closer inspection a really mistreated older guitar came into my possession, or better the partly possession, because it was all bits and pieces, screws were driven though the tailspiece and other atrocities incured. Cleaning, removing shellac, assembly in the good old way (tying the parts together with rope and slowly binding glue), putting on new coat of shellac. All parts are still original, except of new strings. The sound is a bit weak in treble, but nice for Beatles stuff. The model name "Amourette" is embossed in the top. No further details of origin found. Now she is played by my younger daughter J. For a larger image please click on the small on here.